Case Study:

Travis Bagent Live

With his popularity at a all time high from the movie “Pulling John” and the TV Show ” Game of Arms” 17x world champion Travis Bagent was told everyday he needed a website. That is how we met, and soon after we planned something that would pay homage to the sport of armwrestling, represent his sponsors, and even feature content created by fans. 

Bagent’s target audience already knows his name from all of his  TV & movie appearances, they just needed a place to learn more, book events and support his sponsors. 

Despite his immense online presence pushed by others through fan montages, tv and movie clips ect all reaching millions of views Bagent himself did not regularly create content at the sites inception. This meant highlighting fan made content was important and tying it all together a priority. 

Bagent’s primary concern with sales was giving back to his lifelong sponsors Combat Armsports and the National Armwrestling League. Therefore driving attention and support to their respective stores and social medias. 

The first thing any fan will remember about Bagent is his explosive personality. It’s what created his career and led him to 17 world titles. Needless to say the website needed to have that same flair.

We worked directly with Travis to create his site from the ground up including:

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-Stack Development
Motion Graphics/Animation
Copy Writing
Social Media Intergation

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