Case Study:

Shelby Robin's Bodywealth

Shelby Robins knew she wanted to reach the next level in her business and she needed a website powerful enough to captivate her audience and provide tools to help her brand flourish. To accomplish this we created a strong design using her favorite colors that highlighted her amazing library of client transformations and love for helping people reach their fitness goals.

Because of her vast experience in personal training she enjoys working with any demographic who wants to live a healthier happier life. A broad target audience can be supported with her large number of client transformations from all types. 

Shelby’s primary focus was Tik Tok which she amassed over 400k followers on, which gave her a lot of room to branch out into other forms of content creation like a  email newsletter or members fitness site. Shelby also wanted to launch digital products which we highlighted via the shop page. 

    The key to maximally leveraging a site is understanding how your target audience is arriving & what you want them to do when they do. For Shelby Robins Body Wealth  the website acts as a central hub for her fans across every platform to learn more about & work with her. The majority of visitors would be driven from her social media and have a clear goal for their visit, whether it be to apply for online training, subscribing to her email list, or  branch off into other social medias.

Shelby’s love for pastel colors and a minimalist design led to her favorite blue as the pop color and a clean black/white accent. We evolved the layout of the home page and thus internal pages several times during design until we reached something she really liked on both desktop and mobile views.

We worked directly with Shelby to create her site from the ground up including:

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-Stack Development
Motion Graphics/Animation
Copy Writing
Social Media Intergation
Email Marketing Setup
Email Subsciption Integration


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