Case Study:

Sharelle Grant Fitness

“More than a fit pro”, that is Sharelle Grant’s motto, and when you talk to Sharelle you quickly realize she stands by it. As a Nurse, Midwife, Pilot, and Coach she wears many hats all centered around helping people. Sharelle Grant Fitness would be no exception; and was created with the dream to inspire and help more women worldwide. To accomplish this Sharelle realized the brand needed a few new tools including a beautiful website, email list, and online coaching platform she could manage herself.

Sharelle’s target audience is primarily comprised of women who can draw direct inspiration from her success and follow in her footsteps with guidance.  Because those are the people who she can help the most, who will be likely to sign up for her coaching, and how she creates the largest impact.

Building a thriving brand requires a multi tiered approach to releasing engaging content for your target audience. Sharelle already created high quality content for her Instagram, so building on that with a email list and blog means her audience can get the latest content easily.  It was also important to integrate her Instagram directly into the site itself.

The email list became an invaluable tool for Sharelle Grant Fitnes, filling all of her online training slots the same day she announced it.

    The key to maximally leveraging a site is understanding how your target audience is arriving & what you want them to do when they do. For Sharelle Grant Fitness the website acts as a central hub for her fans across every platform to learn more about & work with her. The majority of visitors would be driven from her social media and have a clear goal for their visit, whether it be to apply for online training, subscribing to her email list, or to check out the latest blog post.

Sharelle’s primary goal with the site was to create an exclusive back-end members area she could communicate and create lessons for to all of her training clients at once.  It needed to be easy to navigate and a seamless extension of the site.

    Every person has a preference for design. Some people like big bold colors, motion, wide color ranges, & some prefer like a minimalist approach. We believe if you try to please everyone you end up with something that helps no one.

    Therefore, we always start the design with the client’s dream in mind,  crafting it for them and their target audience. For Sharelle this meant an elegant minimalist approach that centered around imagery & content. The design started out black & white, but evolved with a few pop colors to compliment the imagery. The design process went smoothly with feedback and the according revisions along the way.

We worked directly with Sharelle to create her site from the ground up including:

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-Stack Development
Motion Graphics/Animation
Copy Writing
Social Media Intergation
Email Marketing Setup
Email Subsciption Integration


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