Case Study:

Made With Jade

Fitness Influencer & YouTuber Joselyn always knew she wanted a coaching platform to help people around the world. She had built up  both a large Instagram and Youtube following so wanted her website to act as a central hub for her brand Made With Jade.  It needed to allow visitors to learn more about her and easily sign up for online training or pick up a e-book.

Jade’s target audience primarily consists of women  who want to take control of their training and nutrition. These are who are the most likely to sign up for her training or purchase a book.

    The key to maximally leveraging a site is understanding how your target audience is arriving & what you want them to do when they do. For Jade the website acts as a central hub for her fans across every platform to learn more about her and work with her. The majority of visitors would be driven from her Social Media and have a clear goal for their visit, whether it be buy a book, course or train with her directly.

With Jade planning to sell both e-books & online courses through her store, a smooth visitor checkout and general buying experience became a priority.  We  decided on both website based and email based delivery systems for her digital products along with easy to understand receipts/ payment options. Coupon codes allow Jade to create marketing plans based around exclusive offers and discounts. 

Every person has a preference for design. Some people like big bold colors, motion, wide color ranges, & some prefer like a minimalistic approach. We believe if you try to please everyone you end up with something that helps no one.

    Therefore, we always start the design with the client’s dream in mind,  crafting it for them and their target audience. For Jade she wanted to keep things light and fun, incorporating her signature pink. Design went smoothly within a few rounds of feedback  and appropriate revisions.  

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