Case Study:

Daniel Blatman Real Estate

NYC is a tough real estate market, and even for star realtors like Daniel Blatman it is a constant competition to stand out among the crowd. Team Blatman came to us wanting to build something really special. A professional and elegant look that also gave visitors a reason to reach out or grab a free guide for Daniel’s favorite city.

Team Blatman’s target audience wants to buy or sell property in N.Y.C and is having a hard time finding the perfect agent that knows the city.

A website not only has to appeal to the target audience aesthetically, but has to offer premium content they can’t resist.  When you are selling million dollar listings it can be hard to give your audience a freebie they can really use,  but that is why Team Blatman launched their free buyer and seller guides. Because information is always priceless. Daniel also already created a stream of high quality videos for his social media outlets so we incorporated those into a blog. 

The primary goal of a real estate site is to get the  visitor to pick up the phone and book viewings. This idea shaped the site’s designs with multiple methods of contact and flow of the content. The free guides also capture visitors emails to be used in follow ups or marketing campaigns

 Daniel wanted something that was both classy and showed off his stylish flair.  Leading with a nice blue accent we arrived at a look that not only engaged visitors, but used pop colors to get their attention where we wanted it.  

We worked directly with Team Blatman to create their site from the ground up including:

Digital Strategy
UI/UX Design
Full-stack Development
Copy Writing
Email Marketing Intergration
Lead Generation Capturing

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